Smart Space

System and Interaction Design

Focusing on Freelancers, the Smart Space, is an interactive smart product that helps balance their lives when they work outof home, surrounded by a million distractions, and most times, family and children. On the other hand, Smart Space also helps Freelancers 'not' overwork, and encourages them to work focused, and take time off, therefore increasing productivity.

The begining of this project was with creating personas of freelancers, in order to understand what they need at home, how they work, what distracts them, and what helps them work better. As expected, freelancers working in their homes tend to have a lot of challenges and distracts that are usually taken care of by office spaces and organisational teams that are in place to increase the productivity of employees in a company.

Some of these challenges include (are not limited to):

  1. The constant mixing of family and work life due to no clear boundaries between the two.
  2. Easier distracts with the comforts of home and their own space, resulting in 'laziness' and other such reasons of procrastination.
  3. Reduced productivity is another larger result of the factors listed above.
  4. Overworking, as there is no clear end to a work-day.
  5. Increased stress, as home and work stresses/situations affect the individual together, instead of being compartmentalised.
  6. An over arching result of the situation is inefficient time management.
  7. Most often, there is no particular work space, that results is bad postures, and injuries over time.